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The Plutocracy Report - 06.15.18

June 15, 2018

PEOPLE GET READY for a mind blowing Plutocracy Report featuring Curtis Mayfield. After a quick environmental report we hear about an exciting referendum that took place last Sunday in Switzerland that directly takes aim at the banking plutocrats! Vince builds the excitement before giving the results. Next we hear about a major protest that took place in Britain and the people actually chased down the police. What could this amazing protest be about? Are they challenging the plutocrats and demanding their government back? Vince gives us the skinny. Then we hear about how America treats whistle blowers and how utterly ignorant and brutal our cowardly cops operate in this modern police state plutocracy. We are all to blame for letting our country get so bad, therefore if there's a hell bellow, we all gonna go, sing it to us Curtis Mayfield. While the big show of the two most comical leaders meeting was happening, we find out what else is going on, like a new false flag being set up in Syria. After hearing about how we are purposely being dumbed down, Vince mentions Anthony Bourdain and hints about foul play surrounding his death. He then talks about suicide and why it's on the rise. Wrapping up he gives us his advice on the matter. Keep on keeping on Brothers and sisters!

Recent thoughts from the bald head of V-Mar:


feb 2014

Years of research has prepared me for my next book. It is a very exciting project and I love the story. However it has been a struggle to motivate myself to finish. My stories are not what you would consider main stream or commercial and I keep thinking how very few people will even hear about my books and it wears me down. I was never motivated to write by money or success, I only want to be read and I need some friendly motivation.  If you have any comments or words of wisdom please email me



Hope for our class...look to bikers...- July 25 2011


                    Finding something to be hopeful about has been a disparaging task for me. Take the latest political theater about raising the debt ceiling. Let me fill you in on a secret, this has nothing to do with the debt ceiling, of course it will be raised, many more times before the ultimate collapse. What is really going on is our comfortably wealthy leaders are drafting America’s austerity measures. Indeed we will suffer as the dwindling middle class and poor will see cuts on things you would never dream of cutting, especially if you are a senior. The amazing part is the pigs at the top, with more money then most of us can even conceive of having, is still not afraid of us! They have their political servants saying don’t you dare tax the obscenely rich anymore or in any way. Somehow these money addicts are being called job creators, even though they only create Chinese jobs and have cut millions of American jobs. Their only goal is more money for themselves and lower wages to their work force. THIS IS UNDENIABLE, unless you are brainwashed from the truth. Also de-funding the Industrial military complex is something that won’t even be considered. SO...on and on it goes, when it collapses nobody knows.

                                  I understand why people try to deny the inevitable, because it’s freaking depressing! But it is something we must face and the outcome could be a wonderful society ushering in new renaissance.

                                 At least I hoped for that, truth is Americans are mostly non communal. We avoid each other and want to protect ourselves and our crap for everyone else. Lets face it we don’t wanna share and we don’t care about other peoples problems as long as we are ok. This is a fact, why else would we allow employer based health insurance and not demand single payer Medicare for all.

If you haven't lost your job yet, people tend to say, “I’m ok with it, screw everyone else.” 

                               Personally I have never though like that and I believe even if I was rich I couldn’t be a greedy jerk and I know some of you are compassionate despite the unequal, competitive environment we were raised in.

                              I remember a time when, if you were driving down a dark road and you spotted a cop trying to nail some one for a 100 dollar speeding ticket with his radar gun, you would flash your headlights at the oncoming cars to warn them to slow down. We use to do that in Wisconsin all the time. I loved that and felt connected with my fellow Americans cause we were looking out for one another.

I haven’t seen anyone do that in 15 years. All anyone cares about now is their own well being. The rich knows we can never unite under a single cause to save our society. That is why the plutocrats are not afraid of us and why I began to lose hope for us uniting to survive an economic crash and emerge as better people.

In the great depression people helped each other out. Families had to live together and share to survive. Now it seems we care not for each other…

            But wait! I have found a sign that hope may live. That some Americans are not as isolated as it seems. Bikers are my inspiration to keep on fighting.

Yes my friends, those of us who endanger ourselves on motorcycles.

        Did you know that when we pass each other we give a cool salute? It’s like a communal wave that signals we are biker brothers.

To me it says “hey friend, nice bike, drive safe, a lot of idiots are on the road.”

Yes indeed lots of idiots, on the phone, texting, web surfing, doing anything to keep them out of the present moment while they are driving.

            Ok, I have to state something....Not every biker waves, some are smug jerks, and I hate when I wave and the other biker snubs me, but for the most part we all wave to each other and that makes me feel good, like we are going to look after each other when depression hits. Lets all try to be like bikers and look out for each other and maybe we can make it after the oligarchs destroy this country that they see as disposable. After all, they can just move to another country where they hide their wealth. Unlike them, we are stuck here and must pick up the pieces……together!!!


June 2011

 Anthony Weiner: All you really need to know.

Since this guy is equivalent to a naive teenager in the sex game arena, many important news events continue to be ignored, so I feel compelled to comment on it.  

          First and foremost, I must make clear, that I hold nothing against any man for trying to entice a woman by sending her a wang shot. Suppression of sexual prowess could drive a man nuts, (or to God). However, an intelligent American should know, that if you send a woman a prick pic, and she can make money or gain social status off it, SHE UNDOUBTEDLY WILL RELEASE IT!

Come on man, think, you’re a high profile congressman, who makes hay by pretending to fight for things you should know will never come to pass. You should have kept the sexing on the lowdown. Remember folks, intelligence is not gained by degree.

             Nevertheless, none of that matters to me in judging any man. I always liked Mr. Weiner. I felt I had to, because his ideology is the more humane one of the two we are expected to choose from in this country. Yes, he was what they call a far left leaning Democrat, (today that is still to the right of Nixon.) He was articulate and brass every time I heard him speak. I however knew he was a phony.

          “Way to go genius,” you’re probably thinking, “that’s a real mind blowing assumption, when only ninety five percent of all politicians are phonies.”  

          Yes, but Anthony Weiner seemed like a five percenter. Come on admit it, he was always on the more appropriate side of the issue and always seemed passionate about it.

         It was in his use of language that I discovered he was full of dung.

Most recent example, last week, when he was still in denial, he appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show. More than a few times he began his reply by saying, “let me be honest with you Rachel,” or “I’m gonna be honest here.”

That to me is a dead give away. It is idiotic to say that, because it implies you are dishonest most of the time. I’m sorry if you are one of the people who use this annoying idiom, but…please stop. Unless, of course you do lie all the time...        

 May 2011

A few days ago (may 23, 2011) I woke up at 6:30, got my kid off to school, and to my delight it started raining. I had an exterior painting gig going on, so the rain gave me a great opportunity to jump right back in bed. I was happy to be sleeping another morning away, despite needing the money I won’t get until I finish the gig. It rains almost every day around here lately.

           I jumped in bed with my remote and turned on the tube. I flipped through the corporate news networks, which normally have nothing on worth a minute of my time, and heard about the terrible tornado that struck Joplin Missouri.

The devastation and loss of lives disturbed me deeply. This year, tornado activity is unprecedented by my knowledge, and I’m aware that greenhouse gases augment our atmosphere and causes water vapor to be retained in our air at a higher rate. Therefore storms can become more severe and increase the likelihood of tornados.

          So I was intrigued when I heard the lovely M.S.N.B.C anchor woman say, “Coming up, we will talk to a professor and see if the recent severe weather in the south is linked to climate change.” I had to stay awake for that.

          After enduring two, poor quality, storm coverage segments, and three commercial breaks: finally, as promised, the segment commenced.

          Get this; she had a professor from University of Oklahoma on the phone. She, of course never mentioned why this guy was qualified to give a scientific opinion about climate change, but lets him dribble on about how this is just normal activity that happens every (I’m not kidding, he really said this) 20, 30, 40 years. I guess his research couldn’t be more specific than that. He also had no charisma in his speech and sounded ignorant to the topic he was chosen to give his view on. I don’t wanna besmirch the guy, maybe he’s a nice guy who prays everyday and believes only God can destroy the earth. It’s just, I was dumb founded in the networks choice to use him.

          Then the next commercial block came on. The first one was Exxon oil telling me how great they are to the environment and how many people they employ. What they were selling in this ad eludes me, but they spend a lot to advertise their name in a kind light while being a major client to a 24 hour news network.

It all made sense again as I shut off the T.V and slept till the afternoon.