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Trapped in the Wheel-

This song is about a crooked politician (their not hard to find.) However this one had good intentions and seemed so honest, until he got trapped in the wheel of the system and like most, he gave in to it…………I wrote the words, Kevin O’Gorman did the beautiful music and played guitar and bass. I played the drums and we both sing on this one.

Give it a listen convertmp3.mp3|Trapped_In_the_Wheel convertmp3

This is why its so hard to get by for a working citizen. Well, a few examples anyway. I wrote this one when Bush was still president, 07 or 08. I had some guy named dave play bass and some guy named Vinny play guitar, after I put down the drum track first and completely solo. I think it's interesting and rocks!    ...on a sad side note, a few weeks after recording this, my studio got robbed. I'm still unable to record new tunes because of that horriable event. However this year, 2012, a new album will emerge.