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The Last Independent is more pertinent to the current state of our Plutocracy than any other book in publication!

This is one of the best books I've ever read. You will never hear this writers name in the main stream media. I urge you to order this realistic novel and recommend it to someone you know. Its unlikely they would ever discover this gem on their own. 

Richard Hessford- Blue MountainWriters Colony

The deeper meaning of: The Last Independent


The setting and situation created in the book is huge. The entire human race is at risk-

Economic collapse is a  realistic concept, and what transpires in this story is not an unlikely prophecy. Therefore reading this may be disturbing at times; but that's a good thing...

In this author’s opinion, the more people that accept the possibility of it happening, the more likely they will prepare to live off the grid, and the more likely we can maintain dignity when, our worldly accepted, central banking pyramid scheme, reaches it's gluttonous peak.

Even more alarming, is our government hasn't prepare us for a sudden spike in oil prices; leaving us utterly dependent on a finite slime and to its biggest profiteers. 

Therefore, you can not learn what you need to know from our leaders, (most of them don't even know where our path leads) but you can be enlightened by a realistic novel.


All that aside; at the core of this book is the inner feelings of its protagonist, Lou Rizzo; who has an innate ability to reach people through his words and aura of honesty. Actually the book could have been named, The Last altruist; but that sounds weak and this is a man of action, someone willing to see blood spill if that's what it takes to achieve a higher level of social equality. The few characters that become closest to him are relatable, and endearing.


Of course, revolution is Lou's improbable mission. That concept may seem farfetched to some of us, but i assure you, sometimes the actions of a few can impact an entire nation. Sometimes it simply takes a spark to ignite a flame that can spread rapidly through a disgruntled class of people

This is the kind of book that reflects what is really happening in the world today and what we could be heading for. I believe we can’t let the current worlds power brokers decide how to deal with an inevitable, economic breakdown and the long ignored implications of resource depletion.

When that breakdown occurs, we can't let the plutocrats maintain control with their fictitious, fiat money.  We must create our future this time; a future where reasoned science dictates human progress, peace and sustainability for the next generation. First step: We must become more communal with each other to survive, Quit worshiping their fiat money and take care of each other. Don't let them take our neighbors homes. Quit fighting for their system of scarcity (atten: cops and solders). Most of all! Believe we can transition to a sustainable system of world wide equality in our lifetime.




 Order this gripping novel today. Please e-mail me at to request a copy for $13 dollars. Or download the whole book for free on face book at The Last Independent Page.


I would like to address a statement I made in the author's note, on the first page of my book. It reads like this-


     I wish to express my gratitude to you for having enough interest to open my book. The sole purpose of this story is to amuse you and perhaps consider the possible consequences of our current, unlimited growth, economic ideology.

As author I would like to challenge you with one request, that you read no further unless you are devoted to reading the entire story with an open mind, no matter how outraged you may become over a characters beliefs or actions or political predictions, (may I remind you that the truth is much stranger and more malevolent than any fiction writer could create.)


If you read all 129,955 words you may understand that this story is not about class warfare or the unequivocal political divide that exists in our culture.


It is about the biggest obstacle to peace and equality; human nature.


                 I would like to clarify that I do not believe human nature has to be evil and greedy. In the case of nature vs. nurture, I fully believe that what we call human nature comes from our upbringing. Therefore in our country we are taught that life is highly competitive in our capitalistic society, and greed is needed to become successful. Also it seems war is inevitable and unavoidable and inherent in the human psyche. The outcome leads us to accept that  inequality is unavoidable because in order to have winners we must have losers.

               Yes, this all seems so cruel to say that is our nature, however it is true, because of our indoctrination of monetary principals. I do firmly believe if we grew up in a fair society that practiced equality and sustainability and didn’t operate on a (money is everything ideology) our human nature would be much different.

                So, because we are raised in a society that celebrates greed and foments religious and superstitious ideals, that prevent scientific social human progress; I feel vindicated for using that term in my authors note, and I stick by my statement...for now.